The Gallery

The new line undertaken by Imaginart Gallery is focused on presenting to the public a group of artists and works defined by their transgressive, rebellious and rebellious character against the dominant norms and codes. We are also dedicated to advising private collections and exhibiting small-format works by great artists of the last 100 years who, in their day, were also transgressors of the codes present at the time.

Benito Padilla


Born in Barcelona and graduated in History from the Universitat de Barcelona. He has been a tenured lecturer in History and Art History.

In 1989 he created the art and culture space Mogambo in Premià de Mar (Barcelona). In 2007, he founded Imaginart Gallery in Barcelona, where he is dedicated to the management and promotion of historical avant-garde modern and contemporary art, and to advising private collections. He has curated exhibitions and the Forbidden Art Collection, whose museum is soon to open in Barcelona.

Benito Padilla

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