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From January 23 to March 23, 2020, Imaginart Gallery presents the exhibition WILDISH GAMBIT, from the artist Roberta Marroquín. The Mexican photographer, originally from Monterrey, created this series of pictures on 2018, during her trip to Kinshasa (Congo) with Sylvia van den Brink founder of En Class Foundation.

The works exhibited questions reality while at the same time allow the spectator to venture into parallel and fantastic universes imbued in mysticism, where flora, fauna and children are juxtaposed.

In Roberta Marroquín’s work, there is a subtle but delicate evocation to Henri Rousseau (1844 – 1910). The absolute absence of perspective and the colour saturation on the different levels enable a reality to exist but only as a reference. The narrative is timeless, more inspired in the cosmovision of the indigenous people rather than in the Western world perception.

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