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Cristina Ghetti. Dynamic Land


Cristina Ghetti has born in Buenos Aires in 1969. Based and living in Valencia, Spain. Currently, she has a maestry in visual arts and multimedía by UPV -Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-, where actually, She works on her doctoral thesis “Pos Medial Geometries”, at the same time she investigates about the develop of new geometries in visual arts.
Fascinated with the look action and the process of the observe, Chistina’s work suggest some questions abut visual reallity.
Color has been treatised as an identity. Her issue is limitated by a simple vocabulary of colors and abstract forms. This kind of shapes are her point of strat and, by them, she keeps developing formal progressions connected with color and repetitive structures. Looking for a movement feeling with light and space; visual experiences that also have strong emocional consequences inclusive visceral.

From April 10th to June 7th 2014

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