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Hélène Crécent


Hélène Crécent was born in Pau, France, 1966.

She has developed her artistic production in Valencia, city where currently lives since more than a decade. Since then she has, individually and collectively, displayed in France, Germany, United States as in different Spanish cities. Crécent pieces, as the result oh a very personal asimilation of art brut and other referents – Jean Dubuffet, Karel, Appel, Niki de Saint-Phalle or Antonio Saura, presents a different kind of look, an observation of reality reflecting a builf imaginary made by iconographic resources recreating a speech by the using of metonym. In other words, using specific/isolated elements to suggest an idea by the all. Her investigation about sexual and cultural identity, the genus role and the assimilation of femme cliché -by a post-feminism positioning- have drove her into an own language that conforms a big text where we can reed some recurrent images on Crécent trajectory as; heelded shoes, sharped knifes, powered arms or breast with pointed nipples getting multiply and being ubicated randomly in the bodies of her characters. Generally, they are androgynous, hors genere -next step of the genere- to whom applies, in a fetishist way, all those iconographic metonymy elements to project them’s voice.

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