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Manuel Ros

stop being,acrylic on canvas,200 x 280 cm.2008 barcelona

Manuel Ros was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in 1965. He is this kind of artists who knows that the space is not just dimension, limit and place… is the double mind and material, cultural and scientist reality that art and science keeps discovering, the appropriation of Angnes Martin and Sean Scully about the expansive territory, post-pictorial abstract minimalism, conceptualists and kinetic art. The most interesting thing about Ross is, while the limits between work and context get modify, the observer -who gets involve in this labyrinth made by the artist- is also modify. Instead of disturb, is a pattern that produces an odd feeling of order and serenity. This kind of peace that is used to feel when you observe the sky from the sea or walk by the seashore, when we can feel the coldness and grey colors.

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